Our connected community consists of companies, business professionals and top research Institutes and talents. We are dedicated to the creation and growth an innovative generation through Emerging Technologies.


EduIndustry Skills collaborates with stakeholders in the various Emerging Technologies for Research, Development, Seeding and Training programs. Some of the Industries we have a close tie up with are;

  • IT & ITES
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Finance
  • Energy Industry
  • Education and Research
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Health Industry
  • Agriculture

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Our community is growing and so is the vision for Emerging Technologies. Be part of the Progress.

EduIndustry Skills works  across multiple domains and various institutions across the globe.


EduIndustry Skills PVT provides curated Training Sessions, Seminars and Workshop to a host of Clients.  We work with different stakeholders in the Education field to help realize the need for Skill development in Emerging Technologies.Some of our clients are;

We partner with Colleges and Universities around the world to bring unmatched training and seeding programs.

Tapping the young talent through academies and schools helps us define a career path within Emerging Technologies for the young Generation.

EduIndustry Skills also works with Government and NGOs t realize the benefits of Emerging Technology. We collaborate for Research, Training, and Seeding Programmes.

For EduIndustry Skills, the sky is not the limit. We go beyond our limits to ensure that no matter the clients, our training is tailored to their needs.

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EduIndustry Skills Pvt Ltd aims to realize the benefits of revolutionary Emerging Technologies to the economy, our quality of life and a more sustainable world.

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  • Phone: +91 -9834490595
  • Phone : +91-6360847202
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